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Years later...

Hi, friends! I'm getting back in the swing of things and have loved having regular working hours - by regular I mean, whenever I can get a minute to myself, so usually early mornings and late nights - but with real dedication to my craft now. I know that what I can give while co-raising my beautiful kids is enough, and I'm not trying to live up to an unrealistic and outdated expectation of what this "artist" life was supposed to look like anymore. I feel empowered by this new realization and motivated to keep going. Insights gained from showing my most recent work called Taking Up Space, have been worth the struggle!

It has been 2 years since I had shown new work...several years since I created a new series...and I have found that my life and perspective have changed. Things are always changing, and I'm experiencing art more as creative milestones of self-expression and the season of life that I'm in, rather than proving any talent or skill or identity I may have. I originally wanted this show to be something else, to be my "serious" work that I could finally get to after years of parenting and putting my big dreams aside. But through this process, I realized my big dreams have changed. I realized that I'm living the biggest dream right now, one that I could not have anticipated or hoped for, one that has broken me down to pieces and forced me to fight to put them back together again...and to feel loved at the same time as not feeling enough...because they deserve it (and I deserve it too). I'm learning how to balance opposing and parrelel thoughts, emotions, realities, truths, and misconceptions... and to accept them. Such is life as a parent, a human, a creative, a wanderer, an observer, a poet, an idealist, a cynic, and everything else past/present/future that makes me me.

To read all about the show, see the Taking Up Space post here. If you're still following my work all these years, or if you've just found me, words cannot express how I appreciate your kindness, honesty, love of art, and friendship. Thank you.

To those lovely collectors waiting for a price sheet of my available work, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!


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