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30 in 30 Challenge

Hello friends, January flew by for us! Our whole family was hit with a cold that lasted almost the entire month. Thankfully, we’re past it and ready to be doing fun things again.

There is a podcast called Artists Helping Artists that hosts a challenge every year to do 30 paintings in 30 days and I’m doing it! I’m excited about this because I tried to do it last year (with a one month old…ha…) and lasted about two days. This year, I have the energy to give it a go and see what happens. My theme for the collection will be “Meditate in Nature.” I’ve always been a bit preoccupied in my headspace and find that being in the woods amongst the trees and cool air, near the water, or under the stars brings me to a calm, clear place that focuses my thoughts and helps me hear that inner guide. Being in nature reminds me that I am a living breathing thing and allows me to feel connected to myself.

I would love to do this every year to get back into creativity after the holidays. Wishing everyone a beautiful 2018 with more laughter, love, and connection.

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