Barbara Serry is a self-taught artist living in the beautiful city of Tacoma. 

Her work explores identity, motherhood, vulnerability, and empowerment.  

Each piece is layered with vibrant color, pattern, and texture using a variety of mediums.

Intuitive painting techniques shape emotive compositions.   


"It takes courage to be a painter. I always felt I walked on the edge of a knife.  On this knife I might fall off on either side, but I would walk it again. So what, what if I do fall off?  I'd rather be doing something I really wanted to do to."

Georgia O'Keefe


Meet Me in Tulum

June - August 2015

Solo Exhibit - Tacoma
Bostwick Tully's

Featured Artist

February - March 2016

Solo exhibit - Tacoma
253 Collective

Wild Love

March - April 2017

Solo Exhibit - Tacoma
253 Collective


June - August 2017

Two-person exhibit - Sumner
Craft 19 Espresso & Creperie


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