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Recovering a Sense of Identity

Week 2... Morning pages. Artist date. Filling the well. Creativity contract. These are the basic tools Julia Cameron gives us. It’s funny how willing I am to jump into these the second time around. The first time I was just grasping the concept of doing something for no other reason except that I wanted to. What did I want to do just for me? Where did I want to take myself on a date? I saw a movie I liked, hiked by myself, spent half a day reading and staring at the waterfront, went to an art show, took myself to dinner, bought art supplies, painted in the park…doing anything that truly filled me up and rejuvenated me. Instead of spending time with people I love and care about, I had to

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Week 1... “Art is a spiritual transaction.” After reading the first sentence, this book can be intimidating. When I read it a few years ago, it was the scariest thing I could have come across and I’m not even sure how I did. It came into my hands when I was desperate for an outlet, when my office job that I had been so passionate about wasn’t enough anymore, and I felt there was a huge, gaping hole in my heart…even with a loving family and a partner who was everything. I still needed to be creative to feel whole. When you haven’t opened that part of yourself up for years, it can be painful. Every peek out into the open hurts. Guilt that you’ve wasted years of potentially honing your craft


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