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Infusion Art Show

I'm excited to announce my upcoming art show at Craft 19 Espresso + Creperie in June! Craft 19 is a swanky little cafe on Main Street in Sumner, WA with good music, good coffee, and awesome people. They have a small hallway gallery where my work will be shown along with the lovely Arlene Towne's. My paintings have vibrant patterns, soft pastel, and themes of nature and femininity, while Arlene's work is reminiscent of cubism with a lot of texture and complex brush work. I'm so looking forward to collaborating with her on what pieces we show together!

My first piece for the show is called, "Namaste." This one took a long time to complete but I kept coming back to it month after month with a new layer or detail. The day I confirmed the upcoming show, I had such a feeling of peace and finality come over me that it inspired the name of the painting and I knew it was finished. Sometimes the ones that frustrate me the most are the ones that allow me to work through mental blocks. I'm excited about new mediums and the shapes that are coming through on the canvas.

As a new mom, it is always a question of whether I have enough energy to paint after the baby goes down for bed. After 12 hours of care taking with less than 5 hours of sleep and no breaks, I have to know I can at least paint for a few minutes before calling it a day. To wake up the creative mind and focus can seem laughable, BUT forging a new path for myself as a mom and artist is so interesting to me. Everything is the unknown. I'll find the time and the energy because this really matters, and the person I want my son to know is one who values her own dreams.