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Wild Love Art Show

I'm preparing for my next show! I'm taking care of a newborn day and night, so doing an art show is somehow totally possible and exciting because it's something I am doing just for me, no matter how exhausted I am. For all my work in this show, I'm using intuitive painting techniques. Intuitive painting is a method where you don't plan the painting beforehand. You get to a quiet place with yourself and begin to choose colors and shapes based on how you feel, and the painting starts to take shape.

I learned a lot about this process from Kathy Price at Good Karma Center for Joy in Tacoma. I was fortunate enough to take an all day class with her and really enjoyed the process. It was a small workshop with a few other women. We began the day with meditation and lighting a candle. We listened to female tribal music (yaaas!) and got into our own personal motivations and emotions. We set intentions for the day, smeared paint on the canvas with our hands, and walked away with a completed painting and hearts a little more open and confident than they were before.

Painting in my studio, with the cold and dark winter outside, I craved lush greens and the comfort of tropical surroundings. My work began showing greens, blues, purples, and darker colors of the forest. There was a lot I felt I gave up or lost from one day to the next when I became a mother. One day, I was me in my life and the next I was someone else's in mind, body, and soul. Nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother. It changes the makeup of your life and identity. It is beautiful and complex and comes with the whole spectrum of emotions that makeup our human condition. This is what made me fall in love with being an artist all over again. When words failed to explain what I was going through, when it was impossible for others to understand, there was my art.

This painting titled "Past Present" will be the first in my next exhibition at the 253 Collective in downtown Tacoma.

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